A Market Affair

Published 10:45 am Monday, May 15, 2017

HOGANSVILLE- Market Day on Saturday in Hogansville was filled with plenty of talented people trying to exhibit and display their many artistic gifts and abilities and it was quite a crowd.

Market Day is a once a month gathering of artisans, craftsmen, and local foodies to celebrate the resurgent culture of quality Southern cuisine and vibrant art.

Taking place on 100 East Main Street, there was furniture attendees can check out and buy from Jim Fleuriet.

Bill Prieston showed off his many handcrafted bowls, towel holders and handmade spoons.

Austin Dennis, founder of Timberwork & Co had unique items such as cutting boards with different words and sayings engraved into the boards.

“There all designed by machines and cut out,” said Dennis. “I leave it up to the customers to pick what words they want engraved into the boards.”

Rock band All the Rest from Senoia performed live music for the crowd.

Jake Hand and his wife Adrienne Hand held a booth where they were selling frames filled with lovingly drawings, paintings, printed signs and quotes. Their business is called Two Loving Hands.

“All these pictures are 8×10, are interchangeable, have a bunch of different sayings and there made of recycled pallets,” said Jake.

B’s Marketplace produced fresh squash, cucumbers and seedless watermelons to serve to the public.

Identical Australian sisters Hannah and Georgia Metternick-Jones revealed many of their fantastic colorful drawings to the public.

If you had a craving for all things strawberries (jam, cookies and the fruit) than taking a visit to LeighAnne Hagan’s booth was more than worth it, where her husband Tom and her run Sweet Berry Orchard.

Afrikaa Birdsong of Berry Love & Co had her scrumptious chocolate and dipped strawberries, applies, pretzels, oreos and rice krispies for customers to swoop up.

Joy and Brandon Davis of David Candle Company booth comprised of homemade products ranging from soy candles, jellybean candles, room sprays and much more, all with a delightful scent that will surely catch your attention.

Cookies is a favorite food of many and Rosie Braun of Rosie’s Granola-N-Cookies had some delicious, healthy ones on exhibit for the public.

“Our cookies are made with coconut oil, natural honey, walnuts, cranberries, brown sugar and other ingredients,” said Braun. “We wanted to include all natural ingredients in the cookies.”


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