Memoried Glances: $833,575 worth of bonds and stamps sold

Published 10:00 am Monday, May 15, 2017

Mays Past, 75 Years Ago, 1942

From The LaGrange Daily News

Front Page News: $833,575 Worth of Bonds And Stamps Are Sold In Troup county Since May, 1941 – Reports of United States Savings Bonds and Stamps sold in Troup County from May 1, 1941, through may 22, 1942, at banks and post offices, show that total bonds and stamps sales for this period aggregate $833,575.70.

At the time Troup County has exceeded its May, 1942, quota of $84,200, and the month has not ye been completed. These facts and figures were released for publication today in a report issued by Lewis Price and J.J. Milam, co-chairman of the Troup County War Savings Committee.

Total for the entire county is $94,455.75. Broken down, bond sales aggregated $90,993.25 and stamps sales totaled $3,462.50 making a total May record of $94,455.75 during the period checked.

Troup Motorists Must Register One Of Three Days To Get Gasoline – Registration for gasoline ration cards starts Tuesday, May 12 and Lagrange and Troup County motorists had better sign up if they expect to do any driving after Friday, when rationing begins.

The gasoline rationing in LaGrange and Troup County will be held three days – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – in the same general order as the recent sugar rationing. in LaGrange registration will be held in the grammar schools. hours will be 2:00pm to 9:00pm with school teachers in charge of registration. County registration will be at the grammar schools from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Motorists will be on their honor when the register. hey will be asked how many miles they have to drive to and from work. The OPA will take their word for it and issue ration cards accordingly.

LaGrange USO Center To Open Thursday Afternoon – The LaGrange USO Center will be opened Thursdayafternoon from 3 until 6 O’Clock for the public’s inspection, the reverend M.M. Maxwell, chairman of the LaGrange USO Citizens Committee announce today.

The local USO Center is located in the old Dunson Hospital building, two rooms on the first floor having been repaired, repainted and furnished for use of visiting men in the armed forces, especially soldiers for use of visiting men in the armed forces, especially soldiers from Fort Benning who come to LaGrange during the week-ends in large numbers.

Work on the building was directed by a committee composed of C.W. Coleman. Eugene Baker and George Forrester with the Rev. Maxwell, chairman of the USO Committee, as ex officio member.

Miss Ruth Hopkins Is Made Member Of Education Committee – Miss ruth Hopkins of LaGrange has been appointed by State Superintendent of Schools M.D. Collins as a member of a Wartime State Education Commission which will gear Georgia’s educational program to the needs of the war.

The commission, which is composed of 40 of Georgia’s most prominent leaders in education, will hold its first meeting June 16 in the State Department of Education.

It will have authority to recommend changes in administration as well as propose other alterations in the school set-up that will contribute to the war effort.

LaGrange Selected For 600 Mile Homing Pigeon Races – The City of LaGrange has been selected for the 600 miles (air line) races by the National Capital Racing Pigeon Concourse, George L. Littleton, agent for the Railway Express Agency, announced here today.

Several hundred racing pigeons were shipped from Washington, D.C. Thursday night via of Railway Express and will arrive in LaGrange on the “Piedmont Limited” tonight.

The first race will be help Saturday. Weather conditions permitting, the strongest and best trained birds will arrive back in their lofts in Washington at twilight time Saturday evening. Others will roost for the night and arrive in their lofts on Sunday morning.

Releases of birds for other flights will be made in June or July. exact dates will be announced from Washington.

Pat Smith Receives Rank Of Eagle Scout – Pat Smith of LaGrange, a member of Boy Scout Troop 17, sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church, recently received the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank attainable in Scouting.

The presentation was made by Tom Morgan of West Point, executive of the Chattahoochee area council of Boy Scouts at a Sunday evening service at Trinity Methodist Church.

Harriett’s Letter – Alton Daniel is now Lieutenant Daniel of the United States Air Corps, having graduated last weekend at Turner Field in Albany third in a class of 101 cadets. He is now an instructor at Kelly Field in San Antonio, Texas.

Another of our LaGrange boys to whom we point with pride.