Patient threatens EMT

Published 6:15 am Wednesday, May 17, 2017

By Melanie Ruberti

Public Safety Reports

Two AMR employees called for help after a patient they were transporting to WellStar West Georgia Medical Center allegedly threatened EMTs around 11 a.m. on Tuesday.

One of the first responders told LaGrange Police the patient became combative and attempted to remove an IV line.

When the EMT tried to calm the man down, the patient allegedly told him they “were about to fight,” the report said.

The ambulance driver pulled the truck over, called for police backup and waited for officers to arrive on scene, according to the report.

LaGrange police noted the patient was heavily medicated and intoxicated when they spoke to him.

Officers charged the man with simple assault.


Possible forgery scheme

LaGrange police continue to investigate two cases of forgery that happened within minutes of each other at separate banks.

Investigators initially went to the BB&T bank at 310 Broad Street around 2:15 p.m. on Monday where a man allegedly tried to pass a bad check, the police report said.

Ten minutes later, the investigators were dispatched to the CB&T bank at 200 North Greenwood Street where another man was trying to fraudulently cash a check. The man was still inside the bank.

LaGrange police took the man into custody and learned he attempted to cash a check from an Alabama company worth more than $1,500, the report said.

The bank teller called the company to verify the amount and learned the check was fake, investigators said.

The man, identified as James Broughton, 66, was arrested and charged with one count of forgery.

LPD investigators learned a different man attempted to cash a fraudulent check worth more than $1,600 at the BB&T bank. The man left the building before the transaction was processed, police said.

The two cases are connected, but LPD officials did not elaborate on how they are linked.

Tires stolen off truck

 A man returning home from work at approximately 4 a.m. on Tuesday discovered three tires had been stolen from his Chevrolet Blazer while it was parked at the Sun Park apartment complex at 1257 Hogansville Road.

The owner told LaGrange police the SUV had been placed on bricks.

About 20 lug nuts were also stolen off the Blazer, the report said.

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