Class of 2017 should be proud

Published 6:06 pm Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Over the next four days, we’ll have a chance to write about local high school graduates in LaGrange as Callaway High, Troup County High, LaGrange High and Lafayette Christian School hold their graduations. LaGrange Academy held their commencement ceremony last week.

These students have worked hard and have rightfully earned a diploma. Many of them have already started college, while others will immediately enter the workforce. So, yes, the students should mark the accomplishment with a proper celebration, albeit a safe one. It’s a huge milestone and one that sets them up for great success in the future, regardless of whether or not college, the military or a job is their next step.

But it’s also a huge night for the parents, who have endured long nights, helped with homework assignments and science fair projects and dealt with all of the sick days.

If there’s any advice we have for this year’s graduates, it’s simply that — remember all of the people who have worked hard behind the scenes to get you were you are. That list includes coaches, teachers, counselors and friends.

At the same time, graduating from high school isn’t easy. It’s the first of many long-term commitments that are likely coming down the line.

We’d also say this to graduates: Your life is truly just beginning. One big milestone is out of the way, but soon parents won’t be there to get you out of bed in the morning for classes or to make sure you get to work. As the old saying goes, the ball is now in your court to be successful.

Life after high school can be demanding and ruthless at times, but we truly believe the future is bright for all of you. Congratulations to the entire class of 2017. We are excited to see where the future takes you.