Annual luncheon honors first responders

Published 8:20 pm Monday, May 29, 2017

Law enforcement, medical response celebrate holiday

LaGRANGE – A steady stream of first responders flowed through the Elks Lodge on Monday, as the lodge celebrated Memorial Day by feeding the men and women who protect us here at home.

The lodge has held the luncheon annually for years, and it has become one of its most anticipated activities over time.

“We have it every Memorial Day for the EMTs and the first responders and law enforcement,” Elks Lodge Exalted Ruler Steve Huckaby said. “It is something that we do every Memorial Day and Labor Day, and it is just to show them that we have a lot of respect for them.”

The lodge served barbecue sandwiches instead of the usual hamburgers this year, and local emergency personnel were excited to stop by for the warm lunch between calls on the holiday weekend.

“It is always nice to know that people still think about us, that we do the right thing most of the time,” Sgt. Rogelio Perez of the LaGrange Police Department said. “It is heartwarming.”

The first responders were especially aware of the fact that some of those serving the annual lunch were also deserving of honor for their service.

“It means a lot to have community members – including the veterans who have been in the line of service for foreign (service) or most of their life, and the contributions that they’ve made to our society and stood up for our freedoms – we appreciate them first,” Senior Trooper George Cotton of the Georgia State Patrol said. “They understand a lot from service, and it is just super nice. It gives you this warm feeling inside to know that they extend that to other people, even on the civil side, which is where we serve.”

The Elks Lodge is located at 905 S. Davis Road. For more information about the lodge or its outreach efforts call 706-884-4181.