Proof of Drug Court success is in stats

Published 6:51 pm Thursday, June 1, 2017

May is the month of graduations and for good reason. High schools and colleges across the country hold their commencement ceremonies throughout the month, and we can honestly say we enjoyed all of them here in Troup County.

But, there was another big graduation in May — one that had nothing to do with the local school systems or colleges. However, the life changing effect was likely the same.

The Troup County Superior Court held its Drug Court graduation on Tuesday and there was a lot of emotion. The 18-month program acts as a resource to people battling addiction. Instead of locking them up and throwing away the key, the program does its best to help people who are dealing with drug and alcohol problems.

“30 percent of prisoners generally don’t reoffend,” Judge Michael Key said. “That is a pretty good number. 75 percent of drug court graduates do not reoffend. That is an amazing number. Two and a half times the rate, and that is what this is all about.”

In a nutshell, that number basically sums up the success of the drug court.

Troup County’s Felony Adult Drug Court has had 50 participants since it was founded in 2011. It’s estimated the court saves up to $13,000 for every individual served.

The court is a good example of the way the judicial system is supposed to work. It’s better for society as a whole if we can help rehabilitate instead of throwing people behind bars and spending taxpayer money not treating them.

The proof is in the statistics that drug court is working in Troup County.