Memoried Glances: 2,000 participate in Red Cross Rally

Published 5:40 pm Friday, June 2, 2017

Front Page News: The Red Cross Rally Beats All Records – The Red Cross Rally, which was held on the public square Monday night, was the largest demonstration meeting ever held in LaGrange.

The crowd was organized into Divisions, each with a commander and an aide. There were five divisions of whites and one division of African Americans.

The procession was nearly a mile long, composed of nearly 2,000 men, women and children, who marched to the strains of music furnished by the West Point Band.

After the procession and stirring music by the band several speakers paid glowing tribute to Troup County for the manner in which she has responded to both the registration of men for the selective service draft and the large amount of money she has contributed to the Red Cross Funds.

Between 6,000 and 8,000 people were seated and standing on the square. During the entire program there was no disturbance of any kind. This marks an epoch in the history of Troup County and demonstrates to the world what our people can, and will, do when occasion demands.

Total Contributions To Red Cross Funds – Troup County has done herself proud in the amount contributed to the Red Cross Fund drive.

There was a united pull from the very start and up to the time of our going to press the total amount pledged is $26,099.73.

LaGrange leads the list with $18,253.05. West Point comes next at $5,157; Hogansville at $180 and Mountville $38.50. Team reports will be published in July, with amounts pledged, in hand.

This is a splendid showing for old Troup County.

Troup County Gives Her Full Quota – Tuesday was registration day for selective Conscription, and the response of the men of Troup County was up to the fullest exception. From early morning until 9 O’Clock at night the registrars were kept busy registering names and filling out applications.

A total of 3235 men registered; 1644 whites and 1591 African Americans. these Troup County men, between the ages of 21 and 31 years of age are the pool from which will be selected such as are physically fit to be drafted into the United States Army.

Troup County gave over 800 more than her quota, leading every county in the state.

Work Pushed On Bank Building – On the corner of Main and Broome streets in LaGrange things present a busy appearance.

A large force of hands are engaged mixing mortar, carrying brick and building walls. The excavation work was finished some time ago, and the brick work has been pushed to such an extent that the walls are now seen rising above the surface.

It is the purpose of the management of the LaGrange National Bank to have this building ready by fall. When completed, this will be one of the handsomest buildings in the State.

Cash Exchange To Fill Need In This Section – In this issue of the Graphic is a legal application for a charter for the “Cash Exchange,” an enterprise that will fill a great need in this section.

This enterprise will enable the farmers to find a ready cash market for all staple far products as nothing else could.

No farmer will be forced to sell his products to the Cash Exchange unless he so desires. He can keep it at home or dispose of it as he sees best. The prices paid for all products will be controlled by market quotations.

Work will begin at once on a two-story brick building which will be operated as a warehouse for the exchange.

Editorials: The die is cast, and today we are at war with Germany. No time now to theorize, but we have got to throw ourselves into the great conflict and do our part like valiant men and women. For how long, no one knows.

With the deficit in the labor field, caused by the forcing of our young men into army service, it should compel each and every individual to exert themselves to do more, and try to accomplish more than they ever did in their lives. We are face to face with a problem that cannot be solved in a day.

Conservatism should be the slogan of every individual in this hour of preparation for a crisis such as we have never been called upon to face before. Conservation of energy, conservation of physical strength, conservation of time and conservation of all material things. Conservation at this time means efficiency later on.

The High Cost Of Living –

To market, to market, to buy me some spuds;

I mortgaged my flivver and wifey’s spring duds!

To market, to market, to buy me a bond,

To help whip the Germans just over the pond!