Memoried Glances: County boosts May bond sales

Published 10:31 pm Friday, June 9, 2017

Junes Past, 75 Years Ago, 1942 

From The LaGrange Daily News

Front Page News: Troup County Boosts May Bond Sales To $132,086.25 – Reports of United States Savings Bonds and Stamps sold from May 1 through May 31, 1942, at banks and post offices in Troup County show that Troup County not only reached its May quota of $84,200 – but topped it by a good margin.

According to Lewis Price and J.J. Milam, co-chairman of the Troup County War Savings Committee, $132,086.25 worth of bonds and stamps were sold in Troup County during the month of May.

Troup county led all the other counties in the Fourth District in sales. Our country’s quota for June is $128,400.

Scrap Rubber Pours In But More Needed – The scrap rubber is pouring in to filling stations in LaGrange and Troup County, as citizens cooperate in the drive for rubber, but there is still a dire need for more.

The Troup County Salvage Committee, of which George O. Jones is chairman, and the LaGrange committee, of which L.V. Powell is chairman, reported that as of June 20, approximately 25,000 pounds of scrap rubber had been turned in to filling stations alone in the LaGrange territory. This does not include the junk dealers, who have collected approximately 15,000 pounds, making a total of around 40,000 pounds of rubber collected in LaGrange as of Saturday night.

This is a good report; however, uncle Sam needs every available ounce and pound of scrap rubber which can possibly be collected and turned into war channels.

Please turn in your scrap rubber and you will be doing your country a great service.

LaGrange Citizens To Observe “Minute of Prayer” Each Day – President Franklin D. Roosevelt recently issued a proclamation in which he asked the people of the United states to observe daily a minute of prayer.

The churches and the citizens of LaGrange will in the future cooperate in the President’s “Minute of Prayer” movement.

At 6 p.m. each day the church bells of the city will ring for a brief period in observance of the prayer minute, and when they hear the bells our people are asked to participate in the “Minute of Prayer”

LaGrange Is Subjected To Air Raid Last Night But Comes Through O.K. – Last night around 9 o’clock the City of LaGrange was subjected to an “air raid” but it came through the test in fine style.

A bomb was dropped on the LaGrange Banking Company building necessitating the rescue of one man trapped in the structures; Three Points was wrecked by bombs and several persons were injured in the city, but fine work on the part of civilian defense units got an idea about what to do under as near to actual conditions as possible.

No actual damage was done and all carried out their part in the mythical air raid as if Nazi bombers had actually carried out such an attack.

It wasn’t all fun. It was serious and grim. It was a practice session to help our civilian defense groups prepare for actual destruction conditions instead of make-believe ones.

Drum And Bugle Corps Wins State Title For Eighth Time – The Lagrange Drum and Bugle Corps of the Baxter L. Schaub American Legion Post has won the state competition for the eighth consecutive time.

The corps was on hand at the annual Legion convention in Savannah but due to transportation handicaps there were not enough other musical organizations to form a competition. So, the authorities gave the title to the LaGrange corps once more. With the title went $500 in cash.

Boy Scouts Hut Being Built In LaGrange – Work has begun and is rapidly progressing on a hut on Haralson street just behind the old Dunson Hospital in LaGrange to be used by the Boy Scouts of the First Baptist Church.

The building will fill a long felt need of a place for the local scout troop.

LaGrange Boys Saved Men Lexington Sinks – The many friends of two local servicemen will be happy to learn that Charlie Fincher and Willard Alfred Allman were among those rescued after the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Lexington blew up and sank in the battle of the Coral Sea.

Both were picked up in rescue efforts.

Pilot Club Given Charter At Dinner Meeting Tuesday – The LaGrange Pilot Club was officially chartered in behalf of Pilot International by Mrs. Alvin Hill of Athens, district governor, at dinner given Tuesday evening at the Colonial hotel.

Members of the local club, visiting Pilot Club members and a group of special guests were in attendance.

Mrs. Joe Stamps, president of the LaGrange club, accepted the charter pledging the local club to uphold the ideals of Pilot and to perpetuate the American way of life.

Julia Dyar, a retired journalist, is active in the Troup County Historical Society.