Another busy local weekend

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I’m in the midst of my fifth week in LaGrange, but in such a short time, this city is already starting to make me feel right at home. A lot of the time, I feel like I’m running around aimlessly, like a chicken missing its head, but with each passing day, life is starting to slow down.

I can thank the people of LaGrange for that. I’ve met a lot of you — some in passing, others at concerts or events — and everyone has been so inviting.

Alyssa and I have had a lot of family cycle through over the last few days — and many others are still planning trips here in the future. Understandably, they all want to see the place we’re going to live, raise a daughter and put down roots. They ask a lot of the same questions, but the one everybody asks is: “What is there to do in LaGrange?”

By now, I’m so used to the question that I usually let out a small chuckle when I hear it.

This past weekend is a perfect example of just how busy this city is right now.

On Friday night, country music star Vince Gill sold out Sweetland Amphitheatre, and the weather was perfect. We’ve written a lot about Sweetland over the last two years, so by now most people have had a chance to experience it for themselves. However, Friday was my first trip to the amphitheatre, and I already can’t wait to go again. Cities the size of LaGrange don’t usually have a venue like that for concerts, movies and shows.

Also on Friday, Bargain Hunt, a brand-new discount store, opened on Commerce Avenue. This week we also wrote about Frios, a gourmet ice cream shop that is about to open. Many cities would be happy just to have a new business opening, let alone have an amphitheatre hosting a 20-time Grammy winning artist the same day.

It was a busy weekend, one that kept the news staff running around at a frantic pace as we tried to keep up, but those are the times we enjoy the most.  However, it wasn’t an unusual weekend for LaGrange. In my short time here, every summer weekend has been packed with events, many of them for the entire family to enjoy.

That’s part of the reason why we started “The Weekend Ticket,” a weekly story that will publish each Friday and will help anyone needing help answering the same question my family asked — “What’s there to do in LaGrange?”The answer to that is plenty, and the list seems to grow every day.