What if Hillary Clinton had won?

Published 10:31 pm Friday, June 16, 2017

Things would be VERY different at this point in the presidency if former Secretary Hillary Clinton had won. I say this based on what she has done and said over time which are the best indications of what she would do.

Clinton’s election would not have changed the Republican majorities in the House and Senate thereby resulting in grid lock. For starters she would not have appointed Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court nor anyone who interprets the original intent of the Constitution. Therefore it is probable that we would continue with 8 Justices as happened between Scalia’s death and Justice Gorsuch.

Clinton’s cabinet appointments would most likely include many who served under President Obama and/or are inside the beltway types so no “drain the swamp.” Nonetheless I seriously doubt that the Republicans would be as obstructionist as the Democrats regarding her appointments.

Since the departments are still filled with Obama people it is doubtful we would witness the present “traitorous” unmasking and leaks.

Clinton would not use twitter like Trump uses it because the press generally likes her and she is more PC. Further the shutting down of free speech at public meetings and on campuses and malicious acts epitomized by Kathy Griffin’s bloody head of Trump would pretty much go away under Clinton. This is due to a heavy leftist bias by academia and the entertainment industry.

We would not be embroiled in charges of Clinton being complicit with the Russians. However there are many serious accusations about her warranting investigations but I doubt any of these would get the media attention Trump is getting.

An intriguing question is whether she would fire FBI Director Comey. Be assured if she did there would not be the hue and cry that  is still occurring with Trump’s legal firing of him.

On issues like religious freedom and right to life which Trump supports she would not.

It is doubtful Clinton would change much in the budget nor propose tax decreases. Instead she would probably implement costly federal programs since she believes in big government. Additionally she would not add hundreds of thousands of jobs as Trump has already negotiated nor restrict illegal immigrants.

Also it is doubtful Clinton would have challenged some very unfavorable trade deals leading to increasing trade imbalances, removed any of Obama’s job killing Executive Orders/regulations nor insisted that NATO countries pay their fair share as Trump has done. Net/net fewer good jobs, higher expenses and less revenues leading to larger annual deficits and about $23 trillion of debt by 2020.

Clinton supports sanctuary cities. When you combine this with more liberal courts due to her appointments, less vetting of immigrants and less of an agenda for the rule of law it is understandable why most law enforcement officials favored Trump.

The Obama/Clinton/Kerry reign left N. Korea as a nuclear threat, Syria still unsolved,  increasing radical Islamic terrorism, courting Iran vs the rest of the Middle East as Trump is doing and stagnation in Afghanistan and Iraq. Therefore Clinton would not change much of substance to counter what she was a part of creating. Further she supports a smaller military so she would have fewer options.

The most unhinged attacks against Trump were when he withdrew the US from the Paris Climate Accord which Clinton supports. Trump supports reasonable environmental policies but not the billions of dollars for the Green Climate Fund.  Harvard trained MD and Pulitzer Prize writer Charles Krauthammer called the Accord “nothing but hot air, a failure and a voluntary set of vaporous promises.”

Clinton would have continued Obamacare keeping taxes which will total over $1 trillion. How she would restore competitive insurance plans with adequate and affordable coverages is anyone’s guess.

In summary Clinton would pretty much continue what we’ve experienced over the past 8 years which 60,000,000+ of us feel was leading to a disaster.

Jeff Brown is a retired Georgia state representative where he served as chairman of the House Health Appropriations Committee.