Rainy weather possible rest of week

Published 10:24 pm Monday, June 19, 2017

By Taylor Robins
Special to the Daily News

It could be another stormy week in LaGrange, as forecasters are calling for rain through Friday morning.

There is good news though: More than likely, it’ll clear out by the weekend.

“It’s just a combination of things that are coming together to give us a wet week,” said National Weather Service Meteorologist Kyle Thyme.

Compared to last year’s rainfall, the upcoming weather is normal, Thyme said.  Temperatures for the last days of June will range from high 70 degrees to the high 80s during the day. Night temperatures will go from the high 60s to high 70s degrees.

The chance of rain in the LaGrange area in the coming days is 50 percent. A tropical air mass is infecting warm moist air from the gulf coast that is coming into the region, giving fuel to possible thunderstorms, Thyme said.

“It is not that abnormal,” Thyme said. “Usually when we get into this southernly flow pattern, especially in the summertime, this is the typical weather that we get. It really seems pretty typical with rain in the forecast. This isn’t anything crazy.”

Georgia’s drought conditions have improved vastly, with LaGrange being drought free. The rainfall will help to maintain that.

When it comes to lightning and heavy winds, families who plan to be outside to enjoy the warm weather are urged to be aware of the weather.

“Pay attention to any severe thunderstorm warnings,” Thyme said. “If you happen to find yourself in a severe thunderstorm warning, take appropriate actions to keep you and your family safe.”