Wild Leap: LaGrange’s own

Published 9:54 pm Monday, June 19, 2017

While eating today with Ashley, who is in town for her son’s basketball camp at LaGrange College, I saw a sign, “Wild Leap LaGrange’s Own”.

When we go on vacation we make a point to stop in places that make their own beer. We get excited to try something new that those people believe in.

I think it is great people will plan part of their vacation to stop in LaGrange for Wild  Leap. It shows how LaGrange and Troup County’s landscape is changing on the south side of the county.

I have noticed some large grape fields and they are there to be used for a local wine to  be made here.

I am not saying before it was legal no one made or sold any adult beverages in  Troup County.

I was raised quail hunting and back then you saw a lot of moonshine establishments.

Yes, a lot of spirits were made in Troup County and a lot was drunk over the  years.

Now, it is legal and many people will make a legal living from making and selling some  strong spirits.

Before someone calls me saying, “I do not drink,” I am not saying you have to.

We have always had drinks, legal or otherwise, and as long as it is in moderation I do not have a  problem.

Anything can be taken in excess.

I am very proud of how downtown is turning into a great place. We can feel very safe going to  the show, then for a nice meal and maybe an adult beverage.

We are blessed to have such a  great place.

Saturday night we had a couple to drive from Columbus to dine on Main Street as they love our great places to dine.

I dare you to try it sometime soon.

Jerry Johnson is President of First Realty of LaGrange