Protocols can save lives

Published 11:53 pm Friday, June 30, 2017

This week, the Troup County Domestic Violence Task Force met to hear an update from the LaGrange Police Department on what kind of affect new protocols are having on protecting local victims, and the results so far are looking good.

The protocol has the potential to save lives especially when paired with the Child Abuse Protocol which local groups recommitted themselves to for the ninth year in a row this April. The Child Abuse Protocol has a similar goal though with a focus on helping local children.

The affect that these protocols have is seen in the lives saved and the innocent protected by that one question more, that one extra step that lets local law enforcement, shelter personnel and other key people who work with these individuals – at the worst point in their lives — know what is at stake.

And in many cases it is only minor changes, but by ensuring that every single person who comes in contact with someone who has dealt with an undoubtedly traumatic event knows what to ask and how to ask can mean safety and security for those at risk.

Having the protocols in place also makes a statement on behalf of those who establish them and follow them. By adopting these standards, they are saying that they refuse to let this be a problem in our community in the future. They are making a commitment to stand for those who cannot stand for themselves — whether because of fear or the hundred other reasons — and that commitment means something.