Students represent LaGrange College at ACBSP Conference

Published 8:48 pm Sunday, July 9, 2017

By Amalia Kortright

Two accountancy students were recently selected to present at the represent LaGrange College at the Accreditation College of Business Schools and Programs Conference.

Students Amy Webb and Abbey Brown showed their presentation, entitled “Using Simulations, Skills Classes and Internships to Prepare for Career Success,” at the international conference in Anaheim, California on June 26.

Business Associate Professor Cindi Bearden said Brown and Webb were the only students at the conference, which was attended by more than 700 people from 30 different countries.

“It’s tremendously important for us. We’re a small private school, and to get that kind of recognition on that kind of stage is amazing,” Bearden said. “They were both very driven and active in preparing for this.”

During their presentation, Bearden said Brown and Webb highlighted specific examples of the learning strategies that students utilize at LaGrange College.

“They used examples of classes and internships that shared how we prepare students for career success,” Bearden said.

According to the proposal the students submitted for a regional conference, the presentation showcased “three vital components of an effective college experience.”

“It explains how these learning techniques can help students not only get a job, but also help them to truly be successful in their desired career,” the proposal read.

Bearden said Brown and Webb were chosen for the international conference after they did the presentation, along with accountancy student Oakley Starling and sports management student Stephen Coelho, at a Southeaster Council Regional Conference in Montgomery, Alabama in October 2016.

“They worked very well together as a group. Oakley and Stephen were part of the original victory that made this possible,” Bearden said. “For the international conference, [Brown and Webb] re-did the presentation and made something of their own.”

According to Bearden, 1 winner was selected from each of the 11 regional conventions in the world and Brown and Webb presented at the ACBSP conference alongside winners from Qatar and India.

“It was pretty daunting for them to stand up on that stage,” Bearden said.

Bearden said Brown, Webb, Starling and Coelho are all rising seniors who are set to graduate in 2018.