Lafayette should be remembered

Published 6:36 pm Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dr. Richard Ingram spoke to the LaGrange Lions Club on Wednesday, July 12. The premise of his speech was to bring to light the life of a man who was vital to the creation of LaGrange, but is largely anonymos today.

Marquis de Lafayette, who’s outline coincidentally adorns the front page of the LaGrange Daily News, was a French aristocrat and military figure who fought in the American Revolutionary War and was crucial in the quest to attain French support during the endeavor.

“Lafayette is the avatar of liberty,” Ingram said. “He is the personification of the idea. Through Lafayette, we have the lens through which to see liberty.”

The contribution Lafayette made in helping the colonies win their freedom from the British was commendable, and is worthy of being remembered. The next time you are driving past Lafayette Square, take a moment to look past the construction taking place to the Lafayette statue, proudly keeping watch over the shops and businesses that make up downtown.

Take a moment to remember the man, learn about his contribution to this country, and be thankful for his work and the time he spent here.

“We need to learn Lafayette, because Lafayette matters,” Ingram finished.