Taking a trip to the Grant Canyon

Published 8:19 pm Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Grand Canyon, if you have never been I suggest you take time, plan it and do it. Do you remember the first time you saw the ocean? Well, the Grand Canyon is just like that moment in  time. It is so beautiful that the pictures cannot do this justice. It was my fourth time to go and I plan to go again next year. We went this time to the South and East Rims. Every time you drive  a half mile you see so much more. If you are over 62, you can get your Senior Pass and all the National Parks are free, which is a big savings. This is not an expensive trip as vacations go, but  you will be shocked at how much there is to see in just one state. Arizona has so much to see all  within a few hundred miles … The Painted Desert, Monument Valley where John Wayne movies  were made and Sedona where more John Wayne movies were made. When you’re outside of  Phoenix, you will see thousands of large cacti. Just like we have pine trees, they have cacti that are totally different and beautiful.

We all get in the habit of going to the same old places. I know some of you have been to Destin or Panama City hundreds of times, and that is great, but I dare you to go and see something different. You will thank me if you do. Remember, we are all getting older so get that paper out, look at your bucket list, add some things to it  and  check some things off the list. This time was different from previous trips, we took two of our grandchildren. Now, we need a vacation to rest.