Memories at a glance: July’s past moments

Published 8:58 pm Friday, July 28, 2017

Because we have five weekends this month, we are able to bring these items to you in a roundup column for July.

From The LaGrange Graphic, 100 Years Ago, 1917.

Editorials: When is Lagrange to get that $50,000 auditorium about which we have been hearing? It is no trouble to raise funds for anything that we want.

LaGrange people contributed $18,000 to the Red Cross Fund in ten days, and no one will ever miss the amount paid. Then why can’t we raise a sufficient amount to build an auditorium that would be a credit to the city?

If we can’t get it any other way lets issue bonds to build it. We are already loaded down with bonds and a few thousand more would not increase the load very much.

Our Country is at war with Germany good and proper; but there are a great many people who have never realized this fact.

Even the authorities did not realize the seriousness of the situation until it was a demonstrable fact that every movement of our army and navy was known to the Imperial German government. Our county is swarming with German spies. The danger to this country from these spies must be conceded by every intelligent citizen.

This does not mean that every person who is opposed to the war is a spy, for we believe that there are men who are opposed to the war, and who are opposed to conscription, who would pour out the last drop of their blood in defense of this country. But there are those who are actively engaged in a secret propaganda to give aid and succor to the enemy. Such as these should be properly dealt with.

A strict watch should be kept over every suspect, and nothing should be left undone to apprehend and interne every one who is aiding the enemy.

From The LaGrange Daily News, 75 Years Ago, 1942 –

Front page news: Local Boys in Australia Believe War Over By Christmas – If a group of LaGrange boys now on far-flung battle fronts have their say-so, the war hasn’t much longer to run.

A personal letter received by the family of Roy S. Daniel, of LaGrange, informs us that several of his friends who left when he did on November 11, 1941, are still in the same company with him and are all stationed in Australia.

The soldiers serving with him there are James Howard Gay, Charles Edward Simmons, Willie B. McCullough and Thomas Callaway.

All the boys in Daniel’s group believe the war will be over by Christmas.

Editorial: Justice! As the trial of the enemy agents, who entered this country as sneaks from submarines, goes into its second day there is a united hope in the hearts of the people of this nation that they shall be given justice. That justice should be speedy. It should be the firing squad.

From The Lagrange Daily News, 50 Years Ago, 1967 – Front Page News: Sgt. George Mann Is Honored By Red Cross For Saving Jenny – Sgt. George Mann of the LaGrange Police Department on Wednesday afternoon was presented the National Red Cross Certificate of Merit and the Life Saving Award of merit the highest honor American Red Cross gives.

Sgt. Mann is credited with saving the life of three-year-old Jenny Smith of LaGrange on April 3. Jenny had been running with a glass, fell and broke it, resulting in injury to a main artery in her wrist. Sgt. Mann quickly applied first aid measures that controlled the severe bleeding and helped save the child’s life.

Prophett Wins Bronze Star – U.S. Air Force Major Abner Prophett of LaGrange has been decorated with the Bronze Star Medal and the Air Medal of Tan Son Nhut AB, Vietnam.

Major Prophett received the Air Medal for extraordinary achievements as a combat crew member in Southeast Asia.He was cited for his outstanding airmanship and courage on successful and important missions under hazardous conditions.

He was awarded the Bronze Star for meritorious service as aide-de-camp to Lieutenant General William W. Momyer, Seventh Air Force Commander.

From The LaGrange daily News, 25 Years Ago, 1992 – Front Page news: Troup Cheerleaders Win T.E.A.M. Award – The Troup County Comprehensive High School Varsity Cheerleaders recently returned from a National Cheerleaders Association Summer Camp at Auburn University.

The team received the NCA “TEAM Award” (Together Everyone Achieves Miracles).

More than 150 cheerleaders from surrounding states attended the camp and the award was presented on the basis of their unity, friendliness, cooperation, leadership, sportsmanship and team spirit.

Team members are Amy Cotton, Yketha Berry, Angie Knopp, Andrea Johnson, Christy Gonzales, Angie Knox, Emily Meadors, Tracy Walls, Angie Brooks, Kristen Allen, Susan Pittman, Libby Yancey, Kim Kelton and Caroline Cox.