The longterm benefits of weight loss

Published 10:05 pm Friday, July 28, 2017

I spend a little time each day on Facebook looking for all the good out there. I loved the stories about two  different people that had changed their lives by losing weight. One person, his name is Tim, had lost 70 pounds, was off all his medications and is feeling wonderful. The other person had lost 100 pounds  and was also off all his medication.

Folks, all these pills have a major effect on your bodies. If you watch TV all  the ads recommend to tell your doctor you need this pill or that pill. Take a moment and listen to the side effects. They vary from an upset stomach to thoughts of suicide, just listen.

I do not care how busy you  are, no doctor can take care of your body like you can. Take time each day to feed your mind. I try to read something positive when I get up. Then I go for a walk or to the gym.

I have cut my medicine from $570 to $170 over the past 10 years. My goal for the next year is to have $0 spent on medicine.  When I see a Jimmy on Facebook enjoying the beach 100 pounds lighter with no medication I realize he may live 15 years longer and save enough, since he doesn’t have to buy his prescriptions, that he can spend an extra week on vacation each year.

My doctor told me he was letting some of his patients go for they would not do one thing he had asked to stop or help themselves with diabetes.

He said they will start losing their toes and feet because they do nothing to help themselves and there is time to do something about it. The doctor knows that a pill is not  the final answer for everyone. Yes, I am giving you a dare to get out and walk. I know it is hot.

So, go to the gym or jump in the pool, but take care of yourself. Last week I was on vacation with my two grandsons and I stayed with them every step and in the pool at Slippery Rock State Park, Arizona. It is up to you.

Give me a call and I will share with you something that will be of help.

P. S. Thank you for all the people that contacted me about the article I wrote on Tom Pound and Vietnam still killing our American heroes.

I never thought I would be touched by so many. May God Bless!

Jerry Johnson is President of First Realty of LaGrange