LaGrange Daily News adding public records

Published 7:36 pm Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Our effort to improve the quality of and importance to you of your daily newspaper is continuous. We hope you have noticed as we have improved both page design and page content. To bring the LaGrange and Troup County community a consistent, top-quality news source, changes were and are needed.

Our front page design has changed. We hope that is noticed day-to-day. This, along with the addition of regular daily feature stories, has added unique and interesting local daily content.

These changes have improved the product we offer daily.  And our mission here is far from complete.

Another important change is coming in the more complete publication of public records. This will add to the public records now published as daily police reports. 

In the coming week, we will take another step by adding a daily public records page that will include restaurant scores, arrest reports from the Troup County Jail, incident reports from both the LPD and sheriff’s office, marriages, divorces and fire calls. These are standards of good daily newspapers throughout the publishing industry.

In addition, it has been the policy of the LaGrange Daily News for some time now to reserve the right to print the names of individuals charged with felonies. As such, these names have been printed, while the names of individuals charged with misdemeanors have not. This policy has been in place in order to bring attention to the more serious charges made in the county.

Moving forward in the coming week, this policy will change to add the names of adults charged or convicted in misdemeanor offenses.

These changes are steps forward in meeting our obligations to our readers and our community. This will be handled in an unbiased, fair and straightforward manner.

Our goal, and that of any good newspaper, is to inform, connect and bring value to the lives of the people in the community. This takes us additional steps along the path to providing that.