A Night of Worship to benefit hospice

Published 7:16 pm Wednesday, August 2, 2017

In September, Faith Baptist Church will ring with praise for a purpose during A Night of Worship, a benefit concert that will raise funds for West Georgia Hospice.

The event is free to the community, but funds given in an offering during the event will go toward West Georgia Hospice. The event will be part of locally recognized singer Kevin Dunn’s continuing work with West Georgia Hospice through Dunn 4 U Ministries.

“November will be 15 years since I started going there (to West Georgia Hospice) every week singing, so that is pretty much what I do when I go — I sing,” Dunn said. “Singing just has a way of bringing people together.”

For Dunn, singing is a way to bring together families and lift spirits at hospice, and he is excited to be able to use his gift to provide further assistance to the families and workers involved with the hospice program.

“The music ministry that God has given me at hospice is something that I am very, very passionate about, and there are a lot of things that hospice does for patients that people don’t know about, that they fund themselves,” Dunn said. “So, anytime that you can be of assistance to allow funds to go that way, they will be used for the betterment of families.”

That extra assistance often comes in the form of helping those who are struggling to care for their loved ones through difficult times — often both emotionally and financially. This is the second benefit concert of this kind, and at the previous benefit concert several years ago over $7,000 was raised for West Georgia Hospice.

More than even raising funds though, he hopes that the concert will bring the community together.

“It is called a Night of Worship and Unity, and worship and food helps bring people together, so that is why I chose the concert,” Dunn said. “It is very diverse because bringing people together of different denominations, different ethnic backgrounds — this gives people the opportunity to worship together who would never have that opportunity on a given Sunday because you are tied up with your church, and I’m tied up with my church. Sometimes we don’t get together to fellowship, so it is a win for everyone. It brings people together. It is for a good cause, and music just soothes the soul, especially worship music.”

The Teen Trio of Faith Baptist Church, the New Community Church Praise Ensemble and the Pilgrim Baptist Church Praise Ensemble will also be performing at the event which will be sponsored by WJCN TV, Charter Bank, Lee’s Crossing Tires and Service, Faith Baptist Church and Cofield Comfort Systems.

A Night of Worship will take place at Faith Baptist Church at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 16.