Community gives back to family

Published 7:51 pm Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Earlier this week, we wrote about the tragic death of 14-year-old Nar’Quevious Tucker, a rising freshman at LaGrange High School.

Tucker, a football player, drowned at a LaGrange High team event over the weekend at LaGrange College. We can’t imagine what the family, the LaGrange High football team and others who knew Tucker are going through right now.

When something bad happens in this community, it’s always amazing to watch how quickly people come together to help out. This week is another example of that.

A GoFundMe page was started for the Tucker family on Monday and, as of this writing, more than $5,000 had already been raised. The money will go toward funeral costs for Nar’Quevious.

The original goal of the campaign was to raise $3,500, but that was surpassed within the first 24 hours. We’re sure every penny will help and almost 100 people have already given to the family.

The GoFundMe campaign will likely end in the next day so that the family can actually be given the money raised, so we encourage anyone who wants to give to go ahead and do so.

For anyone who doesn’t have the means to give money, LaGrange High is playing a preseason game Friday night at Heard County. One of the coaches of the Heard County team is encouraging everyone who attends to wear Granger blue as a show of support for the team and this community.

In moments like these, we’re all able to take a step back and step outside of the lives we normally live. Sporting events, such as Friday’s football game, just aren’t as important. The little things don’t matter as much.

That’s where this community is right now. We’re all grieving for the Tucker family and for his friends and classmates. We know this is a tough time for all of them, and we’re sure we speak for the majority of this community when we say they are in our thoughts.

We’re thankful to live in a place where so many are willing to come together, set their differences aside and do whatever they can to help out a family in need.

Whether that’s giving money or just wearing blue, so many are showing the generosity and family nature of LaGrange and Troup County.