Tigers wrap up team camp

Published 2:04 pm Wednesday, August 2, 2017

By Kevin Eckleberry


LAGRANGE – They got after it.

The Troup Tigers held their first practice with pads on Tuesday, and they were on the field for three hours as they continue to prepare for a new season that is less than three weeks away.

The practice was a part of Troup’s team camp that began on Sunday and ended Tuesday afternoon.

The players spent the night at the school on Sunday and Monday.

“Today, we really banged it out there,” Troup head coach Tanner Glisson said. “We were out there close to three hours. We were beat up just a little bit because it was the first day.”

Troup’s camp began with a “lift-a-thon” on Sunday, with the players going through a weight-lifting session with parents and other family members in attendance.

It’s the second year the “lift-a-thon” has been held, and Glisson feels it’s a good way to get family members involved.

The equipment was moved into the gym, and the players went through their normal weight-lifting routine.

The evening also gave Glisson a chance to meet with the parents.

“That’s when I’ll have my fall parent meeting, so it’s a good way to bring them in,” Glisson said. “We had a good crowd, so that was fun to see.”

On Monday, the players practiced on the field and participated in meetings, and on Tuesday morning they put the pads on and went at it.

Glisson said the first full-contact practice is always eye-opening.

“Some guys fly around in shorts, and some guys put equipment on and they’re football players,” Glisson said. “So today we tried to identify the football players. And we’ve got a few. We’ve got to find the right people, and move the right people to the right places.”

Glisson added that “after I see the film, I’ll know a little bit more. And we’ve done a really good job of getting special teams installed.”

Glisson said the camp is designed to push the players to the limit.

“I like it because it stresses the guys, puts mental stress on them,” Glisson said. “It’s taxing on all us, including the coaches. But it’s been a good camp.”

This is Glisson’s third season as head coach, and he remembers back to what things were like in 2015 when everyone was scrambling to get ready for the opener.

Now, things are operating smoothly as the Tigers look to build on their 8-3 record from a year ago.

“It’s really been good,” Glisson said. “We are so much further along with getting everything installed than we ever have been. So that feels good.”

Troup will be at home on Aug. 11 for a preseason game against Harris County, and it opens the season against Hardaway on Aug. 18.