Are you ready for school?

Published 7:35 pm Thursday, August 3, 2017

Troup County Schools will be back in session next Thursday, leaving busy parents and students checking and double checking to make sure that they will be ready for the new school year.

Most parents have already purchased backpacks, lunch boxes and the other odds and ends on school supply lists, but if you haven’t most stores in town still have great deals on everything from paper to protractors.

Other essential tasks are easier to overlook though: Hair cuts and sports physicals are often easier to schedule before school starts.

Likewise, experts recommend encouraging students to get back into the routine of waking up at the same time that they will need to be awake for school before school starts.

Students who have already registered for school should have received information on  when and where to get on their bus, but now is the perfect time to review that information in order to insure that day one goes smoothly.

The new school year is also a great time to form new habits. What went well last year? What new habits could make this year better?

Many morning tasks can be performed the night before in order to make mornings easier on groggy students. Simple things like placing a packed backpack by the door with homework, sports equipment and other necessities may save precious minutes in the morning that could make the difference between getting to the bus on time or a parent having to drive their child in while risking being late themselves.

Many students buy lunch at school, but if your child would rather eat something from home, that too can be prepared the night before, or if Pinterest is to be believed, on the weekend for the entire week.

Whether you have the entirety of next week planned down to bus times and Pinterest ready lunches or you are planning to play it by ear, we wish the parents, teachers and students good luck in the upcoming school year.