Memoried Glances: Returns show nearly  million dollar increase

Published 9:26 pm Friday, August 4, 2017

Augusts Past, 100 Years Ago, 1917

From The LaGrange Graphic

Front page Stories:

Troup County’s tax digest has been completed, and the returns show nearly a million dollar increase.

To be absolutely correct, the figures indicate an $953,567 increase over last year’s returns.

This is a splendid showing, and means so much for the county. Troup County is one of the best counties in the state, and there is a marked and steady growth along all lines throughout the county.

Southwest LaGrange will be incorporated

The following news item from Thursday’s Atlanta Constitution will be of interest to our reading public.

“The LaGrange war, one of the hottest local municipal fights over staged before the Georgia legislature, is over.

“It is finally and amicably settled before the House committee on municipal government yesterday afternoon, by the acceptance on the part of Fuller E. Callaway, who is seeking the incorporation of the separate town of Southwest LaGrange, with all the terms and conditions laid down by the people of LaGrange and presented through Representative L.B. Wyatt.

“This means that Southwest LaGrange, will be incorporated as a separate municipality for a period of twenty-eight months only, at the end of which time, on December 31, 1919, it is to become a part of LaGrange itself under the greater LaGrange bill, extending the city limits for a mile in every direction.”

Work progressing on exchange building

The work on the Cash Exchange Building in LaGrange is progressing rapidly, and it is expected that everything will be ready for business by October1.

A force of hands are busy paving Haralson Street from Ridley Avenue to the A.B. & A. railroad. A concrete sidewalk will be laid from Caudle’s Stable to the Exchange Building which will enable the public to reach the warehouse without any inconvenience.

This will be a long stride toward independence, as it will enable the farmers of the area to convert all stable products into cash, which will relieve them of the all cotton proposition.

Dr. H.W. Terrell signally honored

Dr. H.W. Terrell of LaGrange has been appointed a member of the State Board of Medical Examiners, to fill the place made vacant by the death of Dr. F.M. Ridley.

This is a signal honor, and Dr. Terrell’s friends are very much gratified at Governor Dorsey’s selection, as the appointment was made by Georgia’s Chief Executive.

LaGrange has had the honor of having one of her sons a member of this board ever since that institution was established.

Call for women volunteers to conserve food

The United States is now calling for the women of our country to volunteer their services as soldiers of the commissary.

The English, French, Italians and our other allies are depending on the women of their countries to help win this great struggle for democracy and freedom.

Now our country looks to the women of the Untied States to help furnish food enough for over 200,000,000 people and the women of the world handle ninety percent of the food. Women have it in their power to do much towards winning this war.

Troup County has responded most beautifully to other calls that have been made on her. Now that our government is calling for the women of the country to volunteer their services, let’s have the women of LaGrange and Troup County lead the other counties in Georgia in this effort.


What has become of LaGrange’s new $100,000.00 hotel? LaGrange is suffering every day for the lack of hotel accommodations.

Why is it that our capitalists cannot see the need of the first class, modernly equipped hotel?

It is true that the dividends from a hotel will not be as much as the dividends on cotton mill stock, but the day is coming when cotton mill stock will not pay as large dividends as they do at this time.

Pacifists are menace to nation and activities must be curbed

This country must “get” the pacifist before he gets the country. There is need now for strong warfare within our own geographical limits against the man who wants Uncle Sam to turn the other cheek, to take the insults of anyone who wants to hand them out, and to allow any militaristic nation in Europe to step on our toes rather than fight. The pacifist is a menace.

The pacifist must be reminded that, in the face of the declaration of war against Germany, he stands in the position of a man close to the border line of treason and, possibly, over that line.

One great weakness of this country – a weakness that stands out like spines on a cactus plant — is that we argue too much. Instead of telling the traitorous and un-American pacifist to shut up or get out of the country, we try to make him come around to our way of thinking. This cannot be done. The pacifist will remain disloyal to the end. Joseph H. Colt

Julia Dyar, a retired journalist, is active in the Troup County Historical Society.