Painted rocks helping Alzheimer’s

Published 7:35 pm Monday, August 7, 2017

Vernon Woods Retirement Community residents recently painted and hid rocks around LaGrange. These painted rocks were made to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease in the community.

While the memory care unit is one of the many programs and plans the home runs, it is also an important aspect of their work.

And what Vernon Woods is doing with the painted rocks is incredibly smart and caring for the community.

First, they recognize the high level of need Alzheimer’s patients have. Those people in the care of the home may not be receiving attention or visits from family and friends any more.

It’s disheartening to walk into an Alzheimer’s nursing home and see some residents who don’t have someone to talk to, to spend time with or just hold their hand. Their minds are slowly losing control and they do not always know what is happening to them. Some have no one for support.

Secondly, they are taking a modern, youthful trend and are making it about Alzheimer’s awareness. They are reaching out to the younger people of the community.

This gets out the word to people about what Alzheimer’s is, but also that Vernon Woods has a memory care unit. People can now know that they can volunteer at this place.

Finally, these rocks from the retirement community also involve other residents who may not be on the memory care unit. By using them, it brings a whole community effort to gather around these people who are suffering.

By participating in this trend, Vernon Woods is showing that age does not matter, but what you can do to make the community stronger does.