Remember to lock your doors

Published 5:11 pm Tuesday, August 8, 2017

When reviewing police reports from the city and county, it’s hard not think about “what if.” What if the situation had went down differently or if the person had acted differently.

It is easy to judge others missteps, but it is also important to learn from their experiences.

That view is likely what inspired a post on Facebook by the Troup County Sheriff’s Office yesterday, reminding locals to lock their car doors and place valuables out of sight when leaving their vehicles.

“Over the last few days our deputies have taken several reports regarding victims having their cars entered and items stolen or the car just being left in a mess by the perpetrator,” read the post. “The majority of these victims reported that they had left their vehicle doors unlocked. No matter where you are parking your car either overnight or for just a few minutes, put your valuables in a secure, hidden location like the trunk and push that lock button on the door or the clicker. As always, if you see suspicious activity please call 911.”

It is easy to judge someone else for forgetting to lock a door, but so many of us have left a car door unlocked or a phone or a purse in view because we are “just going inside for a minute.”

In an ideal world, we could all leave our doors unlocked and never worry. Unfortunately, we live in one where people will take advantage of unlocked doors and open windows.

The crime will always be the fault of the person committing the crime itself, but it is important to protect oneself when possible.