What makes an artistic community

Published 7:26 pm Friday, August 11, 2017

Thursday’s edition of the LaGrange Daily News contained a story about the Choral Society of West Georgia and the busy season that they have planned for this year.

This concert season will feature everything from fun, modern, “spooky” songs to swing classics, which will make it a great opportunity for music lovers of a variety of ages to enjoy a concert.

Like many of LaGrange’s local performing arts groups, the choral society is made up of people from the West Georgia, East Alabama region with a passion for their craft. Also, like most local performing arts groups, locals with time and passion are encouraged to contact the director to join.

This encouragement for locals to come and share their talent has resulted in some phenomenal performances in the past.

It is rare for a community the size of LaGrange to have such a wide variety of exceptional performers, but anyone in the arts community will be quick to tell you why.

Our arts community  — visual, performing, etc. — has thrived only with the help of the community as a whole. The people who watch plays, attend performances and buy art make it possible for those very art forms to be produced in new and improved forms again and again in the future.

If practice makes perfect, then thanks to community support, local art should be well on its way to perfection — if there even is such a thing as perfect art.

Finally, thank you to those who put your heart and soul into performing. You are an essential part of the fabric of our community.