Market day builds community

Published 9:14 pm Monday, August 14, 2017

Hogansville held another successful Market Day Under the Lights on Saturday night.

The event was held at the Station Coffee House and outside the business. Over 30 food, arts and craft vendors took part in the event, and live artists to performed.

The monthly event, which aims to bring in more economic development to the community, takes place on the second Saturday of every month and brings so much to Hogansville in terms of community and business.

Market Day is a truly family focused event with something for everyone in the family.

There was food from vendors of all kinds of cuisine along with an open pub and the coffee shop. The event also featured a bounce house for children and a ping pong table for public use.

There is something for everyone, and so, it brings the community together.

The event was also affordable. Entry to Market Day is free and vendors price their goods fairly, whether it’s sweet tea or a quilt for sale.

Partner of Pioneer who organizes Market Day, is forging a community through these events. Vendors and people of all kinds come together for and have a good time. Between the commercialism and socialness, people are becoming closer in Hogansville through these activities.

A lot of the people that have come to the Market Days this summer were not even from Hogansville or LaGrange but from neighboring areas.

While Market Day Under the Lights’ primary focus is on the economy of downtown Hogansville, it is ultimately building community spirit and bringing in people from out of town to experience what Hogansville has to offer.