LDN starting Pigskin Pick-Ems

Published 6:52 pm Tuesday, August 29, 2017

In an effort to continue to bring new and unique features to our newspaper, the LaGrange Daily News is launching a new feature page that will last through the high school and college football seasons, our Pigskin Pic-Ems page. This will be an interactive, fun, weekly page that will allow the community as a whole to enjoy some light competition.

In the wake of the success of our Pigskin Preview magazine, we felt the LaGrange and Troup County community will be well-served with more high school and college football related content on a weekly basis. This led us to create our Pigskin Pick-Ems page. The premise is simple enough. Every Thursday the Pigskin Pick-Ems page will publish, with 10 games listed from the upcoming weekend. Both local high school and college games will be on the page.

Members from the community will have until noon on the immediately following Friday to select who they believe will win each of those games and drop their picks off at the newspaper office. Only one entry is allowed per person, no copies or faxes will be accepted and each participant must be 18 or older to play. Whoever accurately predicts the winner of the most games will win $10 for that week, and will have their name published in the newspaper the following week. In the event of a tie, a name will be drawn out of a hat.

We will have six advertisers on the page for the duration of the high school and college football seasons. Those advertisers being Matt Orr of State Farm Insurance, Emory Orthopedics, Lee’s Crossing Tires and Service, Mickena Kendricks of Farmers Insurance, attorney James Baker and Dr. Brent Brown Eye Care. Each of these advertisers’ picks will be displayed each week, along with those of our sports editor Kevin Eckleberry, and we will keep tabs on their records as the season progresses.

The first Pigskin Pick-Ems page will run this Thursday, and ballots will be due to the newspaper by noon on Friday of this week.

As we continue to bring different and hopefully interesting new ideas to your newspaper, this is just another way for you to engage with us. Good luck to all, and happy picking!