Fields: Righteous judgement holds true to Bible

Published 7:03 pm Friday, September 1, 2017

In John 5:13, Jesus made a statement regarding His judgment. He said that He knew, and everyone could know, that His judgment was righteous because it wasn’t based in any personal agenda or preferences. We can learn a great deal about judging personal conduct, our own and those around us, according to righteousness.

The fist thing learned from Jesus’ statement is that judging is right and good as long as it is righteous judgment. The majority of people in the religious world think that it is wrong to judge. However, if we would be Christ-like we must judge. Not only did Christ Himself judge but He also commanded His disciples to judge (John 7:24). In the very same chapter that people cite to claim judging is wrong (Matt. 7:1), Jesus said that we must judge a tree by its fruit. Obviously, Jesus is talking about two different kinds of judging. One is self-righteous justification while the other is righteous examination of one’s teaching (Matt. 7:1-6, 15-20).

Righteous judgment is not self-seeking but seeks the good of the one judged. Jesus sought the good of those He judged. Paul said love “does not seek its own…but rejoices in the truth” (1 Cor. 13:5, 6). Righteous judgment seeks the spiritual well-being of ourselves and others.

So, how can we know that our judgment is righteous and never self-righteous? If the standard of my judgment is the word of God, if it is based in factual information, if it is motivated by a desire for spiritual well-being, then it is likely right and good righteous judgment.

Norm Fields is the minister for the Church of Christ Northside meeting at 1101 Hogansville Road in LaGrange. He may be reached at 706-812-9950 or