Balloon Festival great for all

Published 8:30 pm Monday, September 4, 2017

Callaway Garden’s 19th annual Sky High Balloon Festival was held this weekend, and while it closed out the summer, it also brought in attention to the area. Thousands of people attended the weekend event, which featured tethered balloon rides, a classic car show and a handful of nature programs.

The balloon rides and car show was attended by people from Atlanta and Columbus, and many from Alabama and Florida. There were so many people from outside of Troup County and Pine Mountain that it almost did not feel like a local event, and that’s great because it means that a local event is so popular it puts Callaway Gardens, and this area, on the map.

The event was held at the Robin Beach Lake, about a five-minute drive from downtown Pine Mountain. Extra traffic means more visitors and in turn more money to Pine Mountain’s downtown businesses.

The air balloon event, while it does bring people together in and out of the community to celebrate the end of the summer, also shows how much this area is growing. Both Troup County and Harris County continue to grow. New businesses seem to open every week, serving as a reminder of economic prosperity this area continues to have.

Thank you everyone who came out, local and out of state.