Police: Remains found are not human

Published 3:48 pm Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The LaGrange Police Department responded to a call Tuesday morning about remains underneath a house on Old Airport Road.

The LPD recovered several bones, which are likely from a large breed dog, according to Sgt. William Nelson with the LaGrange Police Department.

“We were not exactly sure what they were, so we went and met with the county medical examiner, Dr. Martin,” Nelson said. “He’s a pathologist at Wellstar West Georgia, and he has verified these are not human remains. They appear to be from some type of large breed dog. We can’t say for a fact that’s what it is, but they are not human.”

Now, the LPD is trying to dispel a rumor going around on social media relating the findings to the 1970s disappearance of Kyle Clinkscales, a 23 year old who went missing in 1976 in LaGrange. The old Moose Club Lodge, where Clinkscales went missing, was located a short distance from where the bones were found Tuesday morning.

“We were pretty confident based on what we know about that case that would not be the case here,” Nelson said.

Nelson said he recommends people do their best to find the facts before posting on social media.