Memoried Glances: CAA approves airport for LaGrange, to cost approximately $525,000

Published 6:29 pm Friday, September 8, 2017

Septembers Past, 75 Years Ago, 1942

From The LaGrange Daily News

Front Page News: Senator Richard B. Russell,  of Georgia, today announced the Civil Aeronautics Authority airports approval board in Washington has given final approval for an airport improvement project in LaGrange, one of seven such projects in Georgia.

Approval of the LaGrange airport project comes as the result of untiring work on the part of city and county leaders and is a source of much pride to all who have lent their efforts to the undertaking.

The original cost estimate for the improvement work was set for $525,000 and J.J. Milam, chairman of the Troup County Board of Commissioners, said today that indications point toward the project costing at least that much or more.

The CAA says that costs and details were not available in cases where contracts are being negotiated.

It is understood that the project calls for construction of two or three concrete runways to cost in the neighborhood of $300,000, and expansion of the field to fit existing needs.

At the present time, the field embraces some 525 acres. Its improvement has been a pet project of the LaGrange Chamber of Commerce and this progressive organization is very proud that its dream is about to come true.

LaGrange Concert Association formed at meeting here

A group of representative citizens meeting Thursday evening at the home of Miss Tommie Martin in LaGrange formed the LaGrange Concert Association to sponsor a series of concerts during the coming winter and spring months in LaGrange.

Miss Martin was named president of the association; Mrs. Earle Johnson, dean of women at LaGrange College, was named vice president; Hawley Smith was named treasurer.

A committee was named to investigate bookings of artists for future concerts.

Season tickets will be offered for sale in a county-wide campaign to be inaugurated October 2, at a dinner meeting at Callaway Auditorium for members of the association.

‘Bellevue’, historic home of Senator Benjamin H. Hill, is given local Woman’s Club

“Bellevue”, the former home of Senator Benjamin H. Hill, located at the north end of McLendon Avenue, was presented to the LaGrange Woman’s Club at their meeting held Thursday afternoon by Mr. and Mrs. Fuller E. Callaway Jr., who recently purchased the historic house.

Magnolias and boxwoods planted many years ago surround the house, which according to plans of the members of the Woman’s Club, will be restored to its former beauty and preserved as an historic shrine.

125 woman drivers needed in local Civilian Defense

A total of 125 women drivers are needed in the local civilian defense program according to B.W. Whorton, commander of the Troup County Civilian Defense Corps. Mr. Whorton announced the beginning of a class in instruction for women drivers on Tuesday evening at the City Hall.

Already 23 LaGrange women have completed the course of instruction, but approximately 100 others are needed if adequate protection is provided in times of emergency.

Mr Whorton stated today that members of the Women’s Drivers Corps of the local OCD organization rendered effective and valuable service during the last blackout staged in LaGrange in evacuating victims from staged bomb areas.

Mrs. Frank Tigner Jr. is chairman of the local Women’s Drivers Corps.

36 women work Monday at Surgical Dressings Center

Thirty-six local women volunteered their services Monday for work at the local Red Cross Surgical Dressings Room, working in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Additional workers are sought, however, in the effort to complete the quota of dressings assigned the chapter for the month.

E.B. Bartlett has three sons in the U.S. Navy

E.B. Bartlett of LaGrange has three sons in the U.S. Navy, the last one leaving today.

Two of these brothers, Eugene Bartlett (Seaman 1st class) and James Bartlett, are in active service. Eugene has been in since Dec. 7, 1941; James went in October 19.

Harriette’s letter

J.H. Higginbotham Jr., who is attending the Army Air Corps Officer Candidate School at Miami Beach, Florida, will receive his commission on September 16.

In a recent letter home he wrote, “Clark Gable is in the same group that I am in.

He is really swell. He works just as hard as any of us and is as popular with all the boys here as with the ladies.

Lots of girls come out on the afternoons we are marching to try to get a glimpse of him. I’ll say one thing. He is just a plain, regular guy.”

Julia Dyar, a retired journalist, is active in the Troup County Historical Society.