Staying safe during Irma

Published 4:39 pm Sunday, September 10, 2017

In the last two days, all of us have been glued to the television, watching as Hurricane Irma prepares to hit the Florida peninsula. We’ve watched as the storm’s path has shifted west, bringing LaGrange into the fold once a weakened version of the storm makes its way up Florida.

We know we’ve written a lot on hurricane safety lately, but safety cannot be stressed enough. Most city offices and all local schools and universities are closed on Monday and some are even already closed Tuesday. That means there’s really no reason for most of us to be on the road when the worst of the storm hits Monday evening.

Common sense goes a long way during natural disasters.

Make sure you and your family have a plan for when the storm hits. Make sure your electronics’ batteries are charged and your flashlights still work in case of power outages.

Those living in the city of LaGrange should call the city’s utilities department if your power runs out or a gas leak happens at (706) 883-2130.

Be careful if you choose to light candles because they could become a fire hazard.

Additionally, when it comes to power outages, do not turn on a generator inside your home because they release carbon monoxide. According to Electric Generator Direct, running one inside is the same as running a car in the garage.

Do not touch any downed power lines if you see any.

Make sure you have food you can eat without electricity.

When it comes to rainfall, always drive cautiously. It’s not worth risking your life to get somewhere on time. 

Make sure you’re aware of large trees outside your house, they could become deadly.

Lastly, for those who have school or work of, enjoy having more time to relax. Please stay safe and realize some things are not worth risking your life for during the next two days.