Troup High student arrested for taking photos of student using restroom

Published 11:26 am Monday, September 11, 2017

A 17-year-old Troup High School student was arrested Friday for taking photos of another male student while he was using the restroom, according to a police report by the LaGrange Police Department.

The police report said a male student at the high school said he was using the restroom when he observed another student taking pictures of him. The student said he did not know the photographer, but he left the restroom and told administrators what had happened.

School administrators used a camera outside the bathroom to determine which student had taken the photos, according to the report. Only one student was seen leaving the restroom, and upon questioning that student admitted to taking the photos.

The student told administrators he had deleted the photos. An assistant principal at the school checked to see if the photos were deleted and could not find any photos.

The student was arrested and taken to the Troup County Jail for processing.