Woman arrested for allegedly robbing a convenience store while leaving 3 year old at home alone

Published 2:14 pm Wednesday, September 13, 2017

HOGANSVILLE — A Newnan woman was arrested Wednesday after allegedly robbing a convenience store in Hogansville while leaving her 3-year-old child alone at home.

Lativia Joy Grimes, 29, went into the Summit Convenience Store, located at 1831 East Main Street in Hogansville, and demanded money and lottery tickets around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday, according to a press release from the Hogansville Police Department.

After Grimes left the store, a store clerk was able to provide officers with a description of Grimes’ vehicle and the direction it was headed.

The clerk also recognized Grimes as the same suspect who had allegedly robbed the business on Aug. 24 at approximately the same time.

According to the Hogansville Police Department, Grimes allegedly implied she had a firearm and would shoot the employee if they didn’t hurry during the Aug. 24 robbery. She left the store that day with less than $200 in cash and approximately 10 to 15 $30 lottery tickets.

Hogansville police located Grimes’ 2007 Silver Chevrolet Impala on Bass Cross Road on Highway 29 Wednesday morning and pulled her over.

Money and lottery tickets were recovered from the vehicle.

Grimes was charged with two counts of robbery. Officers also learned that her 3-year-old child was left alone at home.

The Newnan Police Department located the child to make sure he or she was safe.