Furniture needed for homes

Published 7:42 pm Friday, September 15, 2017

Action Ministries Housing needs community assistance in furnishing the homes of individuals rising beyond homelessness.

Action Ministries has been working with local real estate owners to help provide homes for homeless individuals in LaGrange. The housing is funded through a grant that covers rent and utilities in an attempt to reestablish a safety net for homeless individuals. Now that the majority of the housing that was needed has been accounted for, Action Ministries is trying to furnish the apartments, and provide materials for other basic needs.

“(It is about) permanent, supportive housing, and so all of Action Ministries Housing programs are about permanent housing,” said Marion Goulbourne, director of housing services for Action Ministries.

“This particular project in LaGrange, it’s called a shelter plus care housing, and it is exactly what it says. We provide the housing and the care, that support, and those housing units. They stay in those units indefinitely.”

Part of the requirements to become part of the program is for the individual to be living in a location not meant for someone to live in, such as a shelter or the street. Anyone living in those conditions would likely have very little money to furnish an apartment.

“Right now, we are looking for resources such as beds and bedding and housing items,” said Erin Elliott, permanent supportive housing case manager at Action Ministries. “We are housing some items at the LaGrange Police Department.”

The LaGrange Police Department has increased outreach efforts in recent years as part of its work with the Homeless Coalition and has been supportive of the initiative. Right now though, community support and donations is what is most needed.

“If they can donate a bed, the apartments that they are moving into, they are empty apartments, so if they can have a bed to sleep on, I think that is a start,” Goulbourne said. “In terms of kitchen utensils, anything that they can use to prepare the meals, that would be helpful also.”

Action Ministries organizers noted that homelessness is a problem that anyone could face under certain circumstances.

“If you think about it, all of us go through crisis,” Goulbourne said. “The difference in the crisis is that we have a support system in place, we can rely on that support system to get us over those crisis. Sometimes it is a job loss. It is a physical disability, and because that support system is not in place, it can lead to homelessness. Anyone can face homelessness.”

To learn more about Action Ministries Housing, visit To donate kitchen items, furniture or other items to help make a house a home contact Erin Elliott at or (404) 692-9956. Donations can also be dropped off at the LaGrange Police Department.