Johnson: Paying bills on time pays off in long run

Published 7:22 pm Friday, September 15, 2017

One of the most common questions people ask us is, “Do you rent to own?” I always ask the question,

“How bad is your credit?” Most of the time I hear, “My ex messed it up.” It is never their fault. I always try to be nice and explain the concept of “renting to own”. I make them think by saying, “Do you agree you can go buy a new TV for $400?” They always say yes. Then I ask them, “Are you renting a TV?” Most of the time they are. I tell that they will pay $2200 renting the TV and ask them if they are OK with that?

They say they never thought about how much it adds up too. People, there are no free lunches out there. If you have a 500 credit score that means you do not pay anyone back on time.

As long as you do not care about your credit, you will always pay too much for everything. Step up, say it’s my fault and go pay all your bills on time and pay the people that have written you off. We had a nice young man come in last week to rent. I liked him but he had several bills he was late on … too many for us to be able to rent to him. Mom and dad, take time to teach your kids that paying their bills on time, or not paying on time, will follow them all their lives.

Insurance companies have two prices, good prices for those with good credit and much higher prices for people with bad credit. Your choice, my friend.

Jerry Johnson is President of First Realty of LaGrange