LaGrange Police Officer participates in discussion of Georgia’s opioid crisis

Published 6:17 pm Sunday, September 17, 2017

LaGrange Police Sergeant Mark Cavender participated in the Georgia Municipal Association’s discussion on the opioid crisis in Georgia.

According to researchers with the Georgia Health Policy Center at Georgia State University — there have been 1,000 deaths from opioid abuse in Georgia in just 2016.

The GMA held a workshop on the opioid crisis Aug. 24 in Forsyth. Sgt. Cavender was among the group of researchers, community health advocates, law enforcement, and community groups working together to share information and try to find solutions.

“The answer isn‘t locking everyone up,” said Cavender.

“It may mean jail time but it takes a lot to recover from an opioid addition including detoxing the body as well as intensive mental health treatment.”

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The LaGrange Police Department has a prescription drop box in their front lobby. If you have extra medication you are not using you are encouraged to drop it off any time of the day at the Police Department, 100 Haralson Street in LaGrange.

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