Police arrest man for drug possession, another for failure to appear after friend calls him to scene

Published 10:07 pm Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Alan Lopez-Vazquez, 19, was arrested for violating Georgia’s Controlled Substance Act for marijuana possession Tuesday.

According to the police report, he was originally stopped for a headlight violation at the intersection of Hill Street and Hogansville Road. When talking to police, an officer noticed a tennis ball sized lump in Lopez-Vazquez’s right sock.

After denying there was anything illegal in his vehicle, he put the item from his sock in the center console. He then admitted there were drugs in his car, and he was then arrested. Police then searched his vehicle and found the suspected marijuana in the console.

After letting Lopez-Vazquez call his friend, Davor Castillo-Raymundo, 18, to remove his car from the roadway, police ran Castillo-Raymundo’s name and birth date through the Georgia Crime Information Center to check if his driver’s license was valid.

According to the police report, the officer was then informed that Castillo-Raymundo was wanted through the City of LaGrange Municipal Court for failure to appear.

His original charge was Violating Georgia’s Controlled Substance Act for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. Castillo-Raymundo was arrested when he arrived on the scene.

Woman’s house burglarized

A woman’s house was allegedly burglarized and more than $525 worth of appliances were taken at the 500 block of Revis Street between Saturday at 2 p.m. and Sunday. According to the police report, the woman told police she was renting the house for the last two weeks and was working to fix it up. When she returned, she found the mailbox missing and the weather stripping near the front door lock looked as if someone had tried to pry and pop the lock.

When the woman checked inside the house on Tuesday, she found a sock that did not belong to her on the living room floor, $150 worth of wood laminate flooring missing, a small piece of a suspected marijuana cigarette and a partially smoked cigarette on the bedroom floor.

A stove was taken from the kitchen and a sink, toilet and showerhead were also missing from the bathroom. Three doorknobs were also taken from various doors throughout the house.

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