Hogansville PD getting new body cameras

Published 11:26 pm Tuesday, October 3, 2017

By Daniel Evans


The Hogansville Police Department will be receiving 16 new body cameras, thanks to a grant from the Office of Justice Programs at the U.S. Department of Justice.

Hogansville City Manager David Milliron announced the grant at Monday night’s council meeting. The Hogansville Police Department will trade in eight old body cameras in exchange for 16 new ones.

Milliron said Hogansville is one of 40 similarly sized police agencies that will receive the matching grant, which will cover around $10,000 of the cost. The funding will be matched by approximately $12,000 in city trade-ins, travel training time, conference costs and cash, Milliron said.

“We will trade in eight existing cameras and in return we will end up with 16 brand new cameras and a digital archive system,” Milliron said.

Police Chief Brian Harr said Hogansville has been using body cameras since well before they became popular nationwide. He said the department’s patrol personnel has always had body cameras, but investigators and the chief often had to share.

“This will allow us to revamp and reissue new body cameras with the newest technology,” Harr said. “It’s a huge benefit for us. Sixteen body cameras is enough to equip everyone and have two to spare.”

Harr said the difference in the department’s older body cameras — which are five to six years old — and the new cameras will be substantial.