LIFT participants to present to state legislators in November

Published 6:53 pm Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Representatives from the LaGrange Industrial Fellowship for Teachers program, or LIFT, will be presenting to the state legislature Nov. 30.

LIFT is a revolutionary new program created in Troup County through a collaboration of business partners to educate the teachers in our school system on the opportunities available in advanced manufacturing for our students.

The program was developed by community leaders from THINC Academy, Development Authority of LaGrange, Troup County Chamber of Commerce, and the Troup County School System.

Twenty-four teachers participated in the program this summer and according to Scott Malone, the President of the Development Authority of LaGrange, it was an immediate success.

“The teachers were shocked to find out how many amazing opportunities are available right here in our own backyard and I believe it’s already having a positive impact on how our teachers teach,” Malone said. “A positive shift in perceptions that have existed around manufacturing over the last couple of decades in our community are beginning as a result of LIFT.  This program is not only critical to helping us close the skills gap with the number of jobs we have available in advanced manufacturing in our community, but all over the State of Georgia as well.”

Last week, the State Board of Education heard from business leaders and educators who participated in LIFT, and it was such a success, the state legislature wants to hear more on how to implement the program throughout the state.

Stacie Bulloch, an eighth grade science teacher at Gardner Newman Middle School, participated in the LIFT program.

She says it’s been a great experience for her students who didn’t know they had the potential in Advanced Manufacturing.

“I saw their spirits light up when they understood that this could possibly be one of their future careers,” Bulloch said.

“It changed me as a teacher by helping them understand what types of career pathways they could strive for in the future. I am so excited about the changes I have seen in my students by teaching them the soft skills they need to be successful in the workforce. In my opinion, they could start work today and be a great benefit to our future economy. ”