The Ray will be featured on The Weather Channel Sunday

Published 10:16 pm Friday, October 13, 2017

On Sunday, The Ray will be featured on The Weather Channel show “Top 10: Ways to Save the World.”

The Ray is the section of Interstate 85 that runs through Troup County, and it will be one of the examples of sustainability used on the show. The section of interstate was named after Interface founder Ray C. Anderson, who worked toward increased environmental sustainability during his lifetime.

The project has recently put in place features like a strip of solar road at the West Point Welcome Center, tire pressure gauges at the center and native plantings along the interstate.

“It is an honor, for The Ray to be chosen by The Weather Channel as one of the ‘Top 10: Ways to Save the World,’” said Harriet Langford, the president and founder of The Ray. “Our 18-mile stretch of highway can be a model for the world, and we hope it will drive change for the highway infrastructure of the future.”

The Ray’s organizers have also discussed projects like additional solar panels near one of the interstate exits, crumb rubber incorporation in roadways as a means of reducing noise pollution and additional roadside plantings, though it is unclear at this time when those projects will be able to progress. All of the improvements on The Ray are being made in order to reduce pollution in the area and create a greener, more sustainable future which is a large part of the focus of The Weather Channel show.

“There is so much doom and gloom with climate change, and we thought there are solutions out there right now that can help change the world,” said Howard Sappington, the vice president of programming at The Weather Channel. “There are things that people are already doing with so much optimism out there.”

The Ray’s team is just one example of that committed, optimistic approach to change, and Sappington said he hopes the examples on the show will serve as an example of changes that other communities can adopt.

“We have the technology, and The Ray is a perfect example of that,” Sappington said.

“I think it is a potential model for the U.S. and show what is possible for highways and much of America. It is just a great first step potentially for transportation.”

The show will also feature alternative fuels, energy efficient building materials, green energy and drones replanting forests.

“Top Ten: Ways to Save the World” will premiere on The Weather Channel on Sunday at 9 p.m. To learn more about The Ray, visit