School system still waiting on test results

Published 8:42 pm Tuesday, October 17, 2017

As of Tuesday afternoon, the Troup County School System was still waiting for results from a third-party tester about mold found at Rosemont Elementary School.

The mold, which was found on walls and furniture, has been treated for a week, according to assistant superintendent John Radcliffe. It was discussed in-depth at Monday night’s Troup County Board of Education work session.

“At this time, we are diligently requesting the written documentation of the results from our third-party tester. Following the cleaning of the school and air treatment, the follow-up tests show the school has passed the air quality test,” wrote Yolanda Stephen, director of public relations, in a press release Tuesday afternoon. “The readings are now below the industrial hygienist standard of 700 spore count per cubic meter of space. We are continuing our emphasis on dehumidification and cleaning so we can maintain those levels. We will also continue to inspect and monitor the facility daily.”

Radcliffe said Monday night that he was told the mold is penicillium aspergillus, a common form of indoor mold, according to the Center for Disease Control.

Radcliffe said there has been concern from parents that black mold was found inside the building, but he said that is not the case.

ServiceMaster is cleaning the building and is also performing the tests.

The board will hold its official meeting Thursday night at 5:30 p.m.