Twins have seen major world changes

Published 10:18 pm Thursday, October 19, 2017

Earlier this week, we wrote about twins Ruby Dommisse and Ruth Holliday turning 100 years old. It’s a big feat any time someone gets to celebrate a 100th birthday, but a set of twins each reaching that magical number is an even rarer feat.

Their family through a big party on Thursday to celebrate a milestone that many of us can only dream out.

Ruth and Ruby have seen the world change in ways that would’ve seemed impossible in their youth. When they were born, the 19th amendment to the Constitution had not been ratified, meaning women weren’t even yet allowed the right to vote. They were still children when the Masters Golf Tournament was played for the first time, were in their 20s during World War II, and were adults during both the Korean War and the Cold War.

They saw television surpass radio as the go to entertainment and news device, and now they live in a world where many are cutting the cord.

They’ve seen the advancement of technology to the point that typing this sentence digitally is no longer a big deal. We now carry phones around in our pocket capable of calling anywhere in the world and if that’s not good enough, we can video chat too.

For many of the younger people reading this, it’s probably hard to wrap your brain around all of those changes. Dommisse and Holliday have seen things that many of us will never get to.

Family members say they are both in good shape, considering their age, so we’re sure there are many other memories still to come.

On our Facebook page, many people were wishing the twins a happy birthday. It was obviously that the significance of turning 100 together really resonated with a lot of people.

We know we’re a little late, but we also want to wish Ruth and Ruby happy birthday.