A letter to my granddaughter

Published 12:43 am Saturday, October 21, 2017

On Oct. 11, 2008, I wrote my first letter to my first and only granddaughter, Audrey Lyn Osburn. That was nine days before she was born. I knew down deep that she would be something special, and I’ve never been more right.

So, yesterday — with her ninth birthday on Friday, the 20th — I want to share that very first letter to the little one we call “Pretty Eyes:”

Dear Audrey Lyn,

Can you believe this is my first letter to you? Why, you’re only two and a half weeks away from being born, and I haven’t written your first letter and sent it out for the whole world to read!

I’ve been thinking now these months about what to say to you when I write you your first letter. Does the English language have enough beautiful words to describe someone as lovely and precious as you? I doubt that it does. The best I can do to describe you is like this:

Audrey Lyn, you’re just like the arrayed colors of the early morning sky. When I think of you, even now before you’re born, your beauty and grace, and the thought of your name almost takes the breath away.

You’re the yellow of a sunflower and the blue of the sky. You’re a beautiful song that sends chills through the body. Words fall so short when it comes to you. But, still, you can tell that you already have your popman wrapped around that small, delicate finger.

Do you know that you’re already one of the top three women in my life. And I’ll be as proud of you as I am of the others — your bamaw and your mama Rach.

There are the other two women that you’ll come to know through your mama and me — your mom’s grandma, the lovely lady of faith she never met. And there was your great-great grandma, Zona Belle Miller, the world’s best cook and one of the world’s most special angels, too.

But you’re my angel now. You’re my inspiration, my sweet thoughts at the twilight of a day. You’re all of those things and much more.

You are my very first granddaughter, and you know that I already love you with a great love.

You have for now and until you’re born and for every day after, my complete and unconditional love.

May God bless you, sweet angel, always and always again.

I’ll see you soon.

Steven Ray Bowen is a former Granger who lives and writes in Red Oak, Texas.