Safety tips for Halloween

Published 7:43 pm Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Halloween is next Tuesday, and there’s plenty of activities going on to celebrate the holiday this weekend in LaGrange. A story will publish in Friday’s newspaper detailing many of those community events.

Honestly, we had our annual “be safe this Halloween” write-up ready to go for this space for Friday or the weekend newspaper, but we were afraid if we published it then it might be a hair too late. Most people won’t do any trick-or-treating until this weekend, but some might attend church sponsored trunk or treats before then.

Over the next few days, motorists need to keep Halloween in mind. Children will be dressed in costume and won’t always be accompanied by an adult, although we strongly recommend they are. Some have ditched the familiar door-to-door routine to take part in safer, less risky church events, like the popular trunk-or-treats.

But others will still walk through neighborhoods, knocking on doors and asking for candy. Anyone driving the next few nights should keep that in mind. Children are often oblivious to traffic, so slow down and watch carefully just in case. Since they are wearing a costume or a mask, they also may not be able to see as well.

Parents, if your children are going through the traditional Halloween night routine of knocking on doors, we recommend picking a neighborhood you know well. Plan in advance the route so that children don’t get tired, and so you know where you’re at.

Make sure the costumes your children are wearing are easily seen by passersby.

Last but not least, make sure to double check your children’s candy.

We’re looking forward to some of the great events going on this weekend, from the Halloween event at Sweetland, the Ghost Tours sponsored by the Troup County Archives and the Franks N’ Steins Halloween Bash at Wild Leap Brewery.

Let’s make sure it’s a safe weekend and a safe Halloween for everyone in LaGrange and Troup County.