Thornton seeking re-election

Published 10:34 pm Sunday, October 29, 2017

Mayor Jim Thornton is seeking re-election as mayor of LaGrange because he believes the city of LaGrange is on a great path for progress, but he recognizes there is more work to do to keep moving forward.

Thornton is asking the people of LaGrange to examine his record as mayor.  He said his record shows a commitment to economic development, public safety, unity and quality of life.

Thornton said he is very proud of the things that have already been accomplished, and he is excited about the future for the city of LaGrange.

Thornton believes the improvements made over the past four years will give LaGrange the resources it needs to make even greater strides in the areas of public safety, affordable housing and infrastructure.

As a city, Thornton said LaGrange is in the enviable position not to have to react to problems but instead to address issues pro-actively.

He said he will continue to do that, if elected, for a second term.

Thornton said he has devoted most of his adult life to serving the LaGrange community.

LaGrange is his home, and he said he wants it to be the best it can be.

Thornton previously chaired the Chamber of Commerce, led the United Way Campaign, and served on the boards of numerous civic and arts organizations.

Since turning to public office, Thornton said he has been accessible and responsive in all duties and has worked to build consensus and partnership with other officials. He said he has established great working relationships with other elected officials at the state and local level and with business and civic leaders.

Thornton said he is very optimistic for LaGrange over the next four years and believes the city’s best days are ahead.

Each candidate running for political office in Troup County can submit a free announcement of candidacy to the LaGrange Daily News.

The announcement must be 300 words or less and should discuss biographical information, experience, qualifications and platform issues. A photo can be included but is not a requirement. The deadline for announcements is Oct. 31.