Preparing for the fall and winter

Published 9:58 pm Monday, October 30, 2017

In the newspaper business, we don’t use the word snow unless the National Weather Service tells us for sure the white powder is in the forecast. And don’t worry, it’s much too early in the fall to worry about any snow falling this year. Chances are, like always, we won’t get any at all.

But that doesn’t mean cold weather won’t affect our area. “Cold” is a relative term, but for those of us from the south, we’ve already hit the colder part of the year. Temperatures have been in the 30s the last couple of mornings and winter is still weeks ahead of us.

So, how do you prepare for cold weather?

The best way to keep your house warm is to winterize your home, according to the Center for Disease Control. Install weather stripping, insulation and storm windows. Clean out your gutters and repair roof leaks.

Also, get your heating system checked. The last thing you want is to spend the night in a freezing house because your heat stops working. Have your heating system serviced professional to make sure it is clean, working correctly and ventilated.

It’s extremely important to get fireplaces and chimneys double checked before using them too. The CDC also recommends installing smoke detectors and CO detectors in your home.

The biggest nuisance to cold weather in the south is getting into the car in the morning. Don’t forget to save a little extra time, just in case your windows are iced over.

If you’re working outdoors in cold weather, wear appropriate clothing to stay warm.

We’ll talk about ice later, if there’s any reason for us to. You never know in the South. It may be 70 degrees tomorrow and then near freezing a few days after.

The key is to be ready as the cold weather moves in. Luckily, the rest of this week will be considerably warmer. Temperatures are expected in the high 70s and 80s through the rest of the week.

We recommend getting outside and enjoying it. As we move into November, we know it won’t be long before its cold outside again.