Community calendar on page three

Published 11:10 pm Tuesday, October 31, 2017

In November, change is common. Daylight Saving Time ends in a few days and, as you’ve probably noticed, today’s page three looks different.

We’ve gotten rid of what nomally published on that page and now have the community calendar on it instead.

We did this to benefit the community in a couple of different ways.

Before this change, the community calendar did not have a permanent place and was always varying in size depending on how much space was left for it. Now, it will always run on page three and will be the same size every day.  Having it on the same page makes it easier to find.

Each day it’ll be the same size and will be placed in the same spot.

The weather information for the week, previously placed at the bottom of page seven, will now also be featured on page three too.

This frees up space on page seven to have more local news stories every day.

We hope you’re enjoying the new changes we’ve made to the paper over the last six months.

As always, we appreciate your feedback in trying to make this newspaper one that this community deserves.